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Amusement Park Art

January 11, 2011

A lot of people go to the boardwalk for the rides and attractions, but have you ever thought of the work that goes into the artwork that surrounds you? From the light fixtures to the paint on the boats the little kiddies ride around and Boy Fishing by Wayne Seddonring the bell in, every year fresh paint and new sculptures appear.

I had the chance to grow up in that environment. Riding the rides for free because my father is the artist at Gillian’s Wonderland Pier in Ocean City, NJ. He’s been there since I was 9.

At one point I even helped him out a bit in his shop repainting the carousel horses, sanding down the kiddie boats and repainting them. I will always remember those days fondly! He’s a good boss! This is my little way of bragging about my dad. He’s an amazing artist that has an eye to create a world in 3D, as you can see in the photos.

Lighthouse by Wayne Seddon

Wayne Seddon is a self trained artist who began his artistic career at the age of 19 when he got a job with a company named Amusements Display which was located in his home town of Cape May Court House, New Jersey. Although there have been several periods when Wayne has had to rely on other means of employment his life has been mostly one as a professional artist. He now works at Gillian’s Wonderland Pier as the Director of Creativity and Design and has held that position since 1989.

Bunny Mail by Wayne Seddon

Start of the Dragon by Wayne Seddon

HUGE Dragon by Wayne Seddon

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