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Mikey Welsh.

January 18, 2011

Fuse Marketing: “Mikey Welsh’s artistic voice is innovative and powerful, personal and universal. His works are colorful, instinctive, and expressive, like Mikey’s life itself. Before his studio art era, Mikey Welsh experienced remarkable success playing bass guitar in the rock band Weezer. Since leaving the music industry, Mikey has devoted his passions and energy towards his love of creating visual art. From sculptures and collages to paintings and drawings, Mikey does them all with a unique and original style. Mikey has recently completed designs for the 2009 Burton Farm line of snowboards, as well as Gordini’s Winter 2010 goggles line.”

The Boston Globe: “manic, edgy, and masculine…Welsh handles his brush confidently, and his paintings read as if he sliced open a metaphorical vein and poured blood and soul onto the canvas.”

Boston Magazine: “Many are astonishing. Not only for their subject matter – a crucified bull with a giant phallus, a life-size pope melting in the fires of hell – but also for their beauty and power. Influenced by abstract expressionists like Jackson Pollock and early pop artists like Robert Rauschenberg, Welsh turns oils, acrylics, house paint, brush-stroked words, and pages torn from newspapers or porn mags into images that seduce the eye and ignite the mind.”

These photos were taken by Jonathan K. Slingluff in the winter of 2010 while doing a studio visit with Mikey Welsh in Burlington, Vt. Mikey will be having a solo show at The Slingluff Gallery in July of 2011.

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