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The Shop That Time Forgot, By Matilda Battersby

February 7, 2011
Elizabeth and Hugh. Every inch of space is crammed with shelving. Some of the items still in their original wrappers from the 1920s. Many goods are still marked with pre-decimal prices.

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There’s a shop in a small village in rural Scotland which still sells boxes of goods marked with pre-decimal prices which may well have been placed there 80 years ago.

This treasure trove of a hardware store sells new products too. But its shelves, exterior haven’t changed for years; its contents forgotten, dust-covered and unusual, branded with the names of companies long since out of business.

Photographer Chris Frears has immortalised this shop further on film. Here he explains a bit about the pictures and why this time capsule of an outlet is so compelling: Read Full Article

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  1. Emily permalink
    February 8, 2011 10:18 AM

    very cool. i’m a big fan of anything old that was made to last. its amazing to think as a designer or inventor these days, by the time you’re dead, your creations will have probably gone long before you have.


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