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A Few From Erin Murray’s opening.

February 8, 2011

Erin Murray’s show, “Architecture Parlante” opened this past Saturday at The Slingluff Gallery and will run through the 27th of this month. Saturday in Philadelphia started off with freezing rain in the morning which then turned to rain and later to light rain and fog, needless to say it was not the nicest of days for an opening.

However, this did not stop the tons of people from piling into the gallery to see Erin’s new work. Women with long wool coats and men with thick sweaters lined the gallery warming up with a glass of wine or a can of Sly Fox. I would have to think that there was more wool per square inch in the gallery that night then some sheep farms are able to shear in a year. The detail in Erin’s paintings and drawings is astonishing, which captures the essence and character of each building. To see all of the photos from the opening simply click any of the above pictures.

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