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Hi-Fructose, Hsiung, Fosik, & The Slingluff Gallery?

February 12, 2011

Unicorns, mystical beasts, drunk sailors, mermen, dead animals, bird pirates… They’re all present in the very creative work of Michael C. Hsiung. For those willing to indulge in the plethora of work produced by this extremely talented artist, they are to be rewarded grandly. In Hsiung’s work one can find humor, sadness, social commentary, political satire, romance… just about any theme possible and they’re all drawn in Michael’s own enchanting style. Michael lives and works in Los Angeles.

Hsuing will be showing at “Eat Your Art Out” at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles February 26th and will also have a solo show this June in Philadelphia at Slingluff Gallery. – Zach Tutor (Please note, to view the article simply click an image)

In other Hi-Fructose news, anyone check out this cover?

Aj Fosik is an amazing artist and all around swell kind of guy. Below is a photo from a group show that he was a part of at The Slingluff Gallery from 2009.

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