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February 13, 2011

“What have I learned about love? It’s a dangerous commodity.” – Robert Indiana

This sculpture of Robert Indiana was made in the 60 ‘s , when
America was at war with Vietnam. His sculpture
became the sign for peace , a silent protest to end the war . Because of
this effort of his , his work became one of the most distinguished
artworks of his time with it featured on a stamp in the 70’s
and many versions of the Love Sculpture all over the world.

The Love Park in Philadelphia used to be the place to be
for skaters (local and internationally known) which was the reason for
the X-Games to be housed in Philly for 2 years. Tony Hawk also had a
replica of  Love Park in three of his videos games.  Now, with skateboarding
banned, you will find many of the homeless sleeping on benches
or waiting for soup kitchens to pull up. Not sure how that is better
but apparently Philadelphia politicians think it is. Read all about the
skateboarding movement at Love Park and how they tried to compromise
but were denied at Free Love Park.

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