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A few words with Michael Hsiung.

February 23, 2011

Jks. So lets get started with letting the viewers know a little bit more about yourself, your work, where your from, anything that you would like to share really.

Mch. My name is Michael C. Hsiung. I was once the Red Robin mascot, a refrigerator re-stocker, background investigator, special aide assistant, teacher’s assistant, preschool assistant, proofreader, telemarketer (for 3 weeks) and a grant writer’s assistant. I assisted a lot. I was born in Chinatown, Los Angeles at the French Hospital. I graduated with a English degree and am now a full time artist.
I mainly do black and white drawings featuring mystical and magical creatures, but lately it’s been hairy fat men and animals. My work addresses gender roles/gender assignment given to mermen, the fragility of unicorn/panda dynamics, domestic violence between centaurs and unitaurs and the underlying threads of violence and danger that underpin all other-worldly societies. I also contribute to various art blogs and this keeps me out of trouble.
Jks. What inspired you when you first got into art?
Mch. Early on I was inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, mythology, and comics – all that stuff boys (nerds) get into, right? Later when I started drawing and showing, I was inspired by my friends and especially those friends who were artists, like my sister Pearl Hsiung and my friend Mike Stilkey. They really encouraged me to draw and most importantly to have fun drawing. I watched and learned from them. I should watch and learn more though.
Jks. Do you still find inspiration in this?
Mch. I still find them extremely inspirational. To see how they’ve developed, where they’ve gotten too, and the artwork they’ve created is truly inspirational. I mean seriously you gotta see their stuff.
Jks. Any other shows coming up that you would like to let the views know about?
Mch. I do have my first solo show coming up . . sometime around June 2011 at this gallery. . . oh wait, it’s The Slingluff Gallery. I’m very excited and scared.
Jks. Anything else that you would like to add?
Mch. I really like to thank all friends and family. I know that’s pretty boring and standard, but they all contribute to my insanity. Also, thanks to The Human Pyramids Artist Collective for providing new inspiration!! So many rad artists and all so awesome.

This interview with Michael Hsiung was done in April of 2010 by Jonathan K. Slingluff.

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