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Jai Tanju @ The Slingluff Gallery.

February 25, 2011

Jai Tanju’s solo show “Heavy” at The Slingluff Gallery, opens on March 5 from 6-9pm and ends on the 27th, is an interactive photography show. He has combined metal work and his 15 years of skateboarding photography to make this show heavy, which correlates to the heavy content of his photos and the metal that the photos are mounted on. Also, most of the photos are encased with a metal hinged top that viewer lifts to reveal the photo. Why metal and photography? Jai has only been working in the metal fabricating field for about a year, but he’s fallen in love with the cold, heavy, rusty and dangerous aspects of the job and it was only natural for him to combine the two.

The Slingluff Gallery

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