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An Evening of Art and Ale

February 26, 2011

On Friday March 4th, a fellow Pinecone Gentleman has an opening at Sweet Mabel Folk Art in Narberth, PA. That Pinecone is me (Kevin Margitich). In late December while I was looking for a few Solstice Gifts, Sweet Mabel’s brought up an interesting proposition: Would I be interested in an early Spring show and would I brew for it? Somewhere along the way of my many pop-ins and group shows I mentioned that I have been homebrewing in conjunction with my craft beer obsession. Of course, I jumped at this opportunity. Finally, a night where the artist can feel as loose as the crowd!

First things first. I want the art to really work with the beer side of the show. I want these animals to speak to the viewer, and I want the dialog to carry the tone of conversations that we all have when reaching the bottom of a tulip glass. The shows title, “The Trail to Manatawny,” has a boat-load of symbolism to me. A bit of research indicated that Ridge Avenue in Roxborough was once called the Manatawny Trail. On a weekly basis, I find myself traveling toward the Manatawny Creek for conversation and amazing beer with family.

Second. I wanted help. Just before New Year’s, a fellow homebrewer and contributor to the blog, Brews of Our Lives, Dooglas, blurted out exactly what I was thinking, “Have Jules brew with you.” Julian Heal, friend and neighbor in our greater Wissahickon section of Philadelphia, makes flat-out perfect beer. Needless to say Jules was just as jazzed as I was to collaborate for this show.  And with one week away, our IPA is kegged and awaiting a crowd.

So for all you art fiends and beer lovers alike, find your way (if you can) to the greatest small town of great small towns. Beer will be served in limited portions, and it will go fast. So the earlier the better. Cheers until then.

“The Trail to Manatawny,” Sweet Mabel Folk Art, Narberth, PA. 41 N. Narberth Ave, Narberth, PA. Opening Reception, Friday March 4th 7-9pm. Find more at or

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