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Frazier, Pedersen, Siren.

March 9, 2011

Leigh and I hitched a ride to Nyc with Smokin Joe Frazier on Monday afternoon where he would be going to Madison Square Garden to celebrate the 40th anniversary of “The Fight of The Century” where he fought 40 years ago against Ali. It is a pretty amazing story how important this fight was, not just to each other, but to the whole world. Rumors have it that the Vietnam War took a break, the troubles in Northern Ireland stopped, riots broke out in many Us cities, and a fight that changed the world happened. We on the other hand had a very important opening to go to and had to miss out on this. Long time friend of The Slingluff GalleryNick Pedersen was having his Mfa thesis show and book release at Pratt Institute! Leigh and I were oh so happy to have been able to join Nick, his family, and loved ones on such a joyful night…. Later on that night we met up with Matt Siren for a few drinks. The next day it was back to Philadelphia for Smokin’s 40th private party. Here are a few photos from the 24 hours that we were able to leave Philadelphia.

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