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Minor Superior

March 11, 2011
A few words with Mike Maxwell before his show “Minor Superior”.
The Slingluff Gallery: What is “Minor Superior” about?
Mike Maxwell: The show is about the balance of opposites and the symbiotic dance opposites must engage in in order to exist. The show examines the perception of reality and subtle contradictions found in human consciousness.
TSG: How do your subjects help tell the story in your art?
MM: The subjects are the story. The figures act as metaphors that tell my own personal history. The hope is that the viewer find something in the objects that relates to their own existence and can act as a part of their own history.
TSG: What is your most challenging part of being an artist?
MM: Paying the bills
TSG: What is the most important lesson you’ve learned from art that you apply to life?
MM: To spend my time as I see fit and to never allocate that authority to anyone else.

Click any of the above images to see his work on The Slingluff Gallery.

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