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Dudes Partying T-shirt on Human Pyramids

March 28, 2011

Human Pyramids Artist Collective director and artist Hovin Wang and I silk screened some of my Dudes Partying tee shirt.  We made about 20 of them in white and gray, printed with burgundy ink.  They are now available on our online store for $15.  I hope to bring some of these shirts for the show in June at the Slingluff.


My tee shirts get made in an Asian sweat shop too. . . I mean Hovin and I are both Chinese.

Hovin getting ready to pull the screen for the tees and prints.

Yup, that’s me with my hair all up in a bun heat gunning the shirts (on top of a cardboard box – not safe by the way) so the ink dries real purdy like.

Since the weather was overcast, the ink stayed wet longer.  We decided to silk screen some envelopes and prints.

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