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April 28, 2011

Leigh and I heard about Root by Art in the Age a few months back and have been dying to try it. A few weeks back our good friend Ralph who works at the Bar gave us a little sample made with 7up, though we loved it we wanted to try it stand alone or mixed with tonic. Last night we broke down and walked to the local liquor  to pick up a bottle of Root. We tried it first alone, to say the least it was a bit to flavorful for our liking. The birch, clove, & spearmint popped in our mouth to create this complexed taste and aroma. Next we tried it with 3 part tonic and one part Root, I now know what heaven must be like, or at least taste like.

I am sure this summer’s glass will be filled with lots of Root. If you have not tried this I would highly recommend going out and getting your Root on. They also make a liquor called Snap. Now if for nothing more then it’s name I have to try this…… 

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