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Mark Hogancamp & Marwencol

May 4, 2011
Being a poor artist, I generally try and do things that don’t require too much spending if you know what I mean, and this is how I ended up watching this movie Marwencol, a film about Mark Hogancamp and his amazing photographs documenting his fictitious town, Marwencol.   I originally saw some of it on This American Life, but now it’s on Netflix Instant so I’d advise you check it out.
Check out his blog and follow his stories –
See some more of Mark Hogancamp’s photos, click here.
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  1. The Slingluff Gallery permalink*
    May 5, 2011 9:25 AM

    I’ve seen his stuff before, but had no idea about his story. It’s pretty amazing how he’s using this as physical therapy. (We started watching the movie last night)

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