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Colors Of Spring

May 9, 2011

As an illustrator living in Toronto, with a second home in rural Ontario, I get to see a lot of different outlets for color. When April and May roll around, this really gets my motor running. Ever since I got my first phone with a camera in it, especially when I figured out how to e-mail photos to myself or others and upload them to Facebook, the world really became my oyster!

Here are a few samples:

A. Robin’s eggs in nest on front porch of our log home; B. Strange and wondrous advertising message created for Claritin by FIVE planes simultaneously above Toronto; C. Chipmunk at giant bird feeder, which can be drained by a couple of rodents in three days.

Translate this to the color palette for water color or acrylics and you can get this (or thereabouts):

My iPhone is turning out to be a fabulous tool in my paintbox!

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