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Bitchcraft Trading post

May 19, 2011

For an upcoming craft and art event called Bitchcraft Trading Post (Los Angeles), Pearl and I aka FIGTH TO THE DEATH (a name for our collaboration derived from a phrase my dad used to say while we were fighting as children) decided to work on our second collaborative print Crystal Behemeth. (Our last print was called Acid Pricks so we decided to stay with our drug monster theme.)  Last time, I believe we started with meeting up at Pearl’s old studio to sit and sketch out some ideas.

I don’t remember exactly how, but I think I started sketching a face and since I’m a really big fan of the cyclops. . . I gave it one eye and some beardage.  After nailing down our sketches and coming up with our general idea, Pearl inked the outline and the crystal neck portion.  I ended up taking the image home and brushed some beard, eye and details.  Pretty soon I was done and gave the final collaboration to Pearl . . .

Read some more about this on my tumblr page.

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