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Field Trip to the Vodka Factory

June 8, 2011


This week I had the opportunity to visit Maine Distilleries in Freeport, Maine. As their website explains:

“Maine Distilleries, which produces solely Cold River Vodka, Blueberry Vodka and Gin, is the only “ground-to-glass” distillery in the nation, where we at the company control every aspect of our small-batch production – from the planting of our Maine potatoes, to our triple-distillation process, to the final bottling of our gluten-free, all-natural, super-premium vodkas and gin.”

The factory, which is really cool, is open for tours (including samples) and the guides are happy to explain the ins and outs of the vodka-making process. If you’re in the area I recommend stopping by to take a look. If you’re not nearby but you’re curious, the Maine Distilleries website has a “where to find” list of establishments internationally where you can find and try Cold River vodka and gin.

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