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‘Yellow Stoner’ : shape-shifting in Yellowstone National Park

June 13, 2011


Los Angeles based painter and video artist  Pearl C. Hsiung makes work exploring states of physical and metaphysical metamorphosis.  Often, the subjects of her works are mutating landscapes and transmogrifying first-person narratives.  She’s interested in the prospect of the univers’s endless transformations.  Her latest project “Yellow Stoners” is up on .

“Yellow Stoners” examines the transformative experience of nature through the journey of a shapeshifter visiting Yellowstone National Park.  The shapeshifter character spends time in Yellowstone National Park, visiting many of Yellowstone’s famous geothermal attractions such as the spewing geysers, bubbling mud pools, steaming fumaroles and hot springs, all the while changing form between human, animal and geological.  A second video shoot will occur in my Los Angeles studio where the shapeshifter will recreate moments from the experience in nature with paint.   With the use of computer generated animations, transitional editing and soundtrack design, I hope to weave together the geothermal, paint and digital processes to explore the relationships of these forms as well as the transformative experience of nature and creativity.

Each pledge is matched for a limited time too by the California Community Foundation Fund (1 to 1 Match).  CLICK HEREto see her video on the project and maybe donate a few!

Pearl received her BA at the Universty of California, Los Angeles (1997) and her MFA at Goldsmiths College, London (2004).  Hsiung has had solo exhibitions at Max Wigram Gallery, London (2006) and Steve Turner Contemporary, Los Angeles (2007, 2010).

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