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Cosby Sweater Project

June 16, 2011

It’s exactly what you think! Someone, I couldn’t find a name just an email and a tumblr, is documenting the “best” of each episode’s sweaters. They are surprisingly not all worn by Bill. 

In the first season it looks like there weren’t as many but there are still some crazy designs! So sit back and enjoy! Everyday there is a new post. Since the show ran so long, you’ll have years of entertainment, again.

This is one of my favorites….

and this one is just crazy, but I love it!

Also, something funny I found The Cosby Theory

september 24th, 1984


the premiere of the cosby show. bill wears a suit throughout most of the episode, but during a brief scene where he plays catch with his “son” theo, the cosby sweater sees its premiere. the very same hour, the stock market crashes


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