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July 15, 2011

As a young kid in England, D-Face read Thrasher Magazine & would spend his time drawing & skateboarding. He loved the skateboard art of Pushead of Zorlac, Jim Phillips of Santa Cruz & Vernon Courtland Johnson of Powell Peralta. D-Face would see the graffiti artists of NYC & became fascinated by what they were doing in the underground subway trains. According to D-Face “Seen & Lee were two very influential artists in NYC during the late 1970s. They brought a real flair & talent to the graffiti pieces. Both were very advanced. I was deeply affected by them & thought that to do real graffiti art, I had to live in NYC. I started doing graffiti pieces in alleys all over England. It was at this time that I started viewing the city differently. A blank wall suddenly became more than that. It was a canvas. It was a possibility.” He then told me that he started doing consumer graphics, but was quickly overcome by boredom. He started making stickers. Punk. Skating. Faces. Anarchy. It grew from there.

Check out the whole story and photos here.

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