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Tim Belknap at Rebekah Templeton.

September 6, 2011



Rebekah Templeton Contemporary Art is pleased to present Ordnance, a solo exhibition of new sculptural works by Timothy Belknap. For this exhibition, Belknap will present a group of deconstructed and augmented objects that juxtapose the latent danger of their inherent makeup with the innocuous symbols of his idyllic American dream.

Belknap’s current body of work explores the role and meaning of an instantaneous moment of transformation in a loosely based narrative. An ordnance is military armament and artillery, normally inert and safe unless it is triggered.  However, the unknown “X factor” of any inert, but potentially dangerous, situation is what produces fear, anxiety and panic. He presents a vivid and colorful collection of cakes crafted out of fireworks and a whirlwind view of an exploded lawn mower.  Viewed together, these objects point towards an unraveling of their symbolic, pleasant, suburban condition.  With wit and humor, Belknap reminds us that the trappings of the American dream can breed complacency and denial in the face of danger.

Timothy Belknap is a Philadelphia based artist and a Fleisher Challenge recipient.Ordnance is his first solo exhibition at Rebekah Templeton Contemporary Art.  The exhibition opens on Thursday, September 8th with a private view with the artist from 6 to 9 pm. Ordnance closes on Saturday, October 22, 2011.

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