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Father of Pop Art Dies

September 13, 2011

Richard Hamilton, the British artist often credited with inventing Pop Art, died this morning aged 89. His wide-ranging work spanned  painting, printmaking and typography among other media, combining formidable draughtsmanship with political charge. 

Interview from the Observer: For another, there is the fact that Hamilton will soon be the subject of a big new exhibition at London’s Serpentine Gallery, one of 10 or 12 similar shows – he forgets how many exactly – that will take place around the world this year. Does all this attention still surprise him?

Hamilton considers a moment, and then says, with mock indignation: “It’s getting a bit out of hand, actually.” A low chuckle. “It’s funny because, in the past, my exhibitions haven’t by any means been greeted with praise. When I showed at the Tate in 1992 almost every critic hated it. Read the Full Interview

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