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Michael Hsiung.

October 4, 2011

Weekend Snowboards and I did a collaboration a while back on a some snowboard graphics.  The first one based off the hot air balloon, the second the fishing design, and lastly the totem pole safari / bear dudes.  Can’t wait to see one myself!  Here’s some info from the site.

Comfor Cruiser

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to bring your favorite reclining chair up to the mountain and lap the park, hitting jumps, rails, hips, and boxes in that thing? We have. Although physically getting that chair to the mountain and up the lift woulf prove to be quite a task, the Comfort Cruiser will give you the sensation of sitting in a lounge chair while hitting the biggest booter (of your comfort level) in the park. With a durable aspen/poplar blend wood core, lighter tips for lower swing weight, graphics by Michael Hsiung, the only thing this board is missing is a cup holder and a tray for the remote (let’s be serious though, that would be pretty impractical). Just don’t fall asleep along the way. That would be bad.

Available in 148cm (ballon ride gone wrong), 154cm (fishing trip with the pals), and 157cm (mysterious safari).

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