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Portrait of an artist.

October 14, 2011

Photographs by Jonathan K. Slingluff.

Bigfoot, Street artist and painter.

Lou Rogai, Musician.

Jim Houser, Painter.

Amanda Spitzfaden, Mixed media artist.

Mike Egan, Painter.

Leigh Seddon-Slingluff, Painter.

Steve & Dawn Linden, Mixed media and painter.

Nick Pedersen, Photographer and mixed media.

Michael C. Hsiung, Illustrator.

Kate Hate, Striptease artist.

Alex Duke, Illustrator  and painter.

Ben Will, Sculpture and painter.

Alanna Reeser, Illustrator.

Joe Castro, Mixed media and painter.

Ed Trask, Musician and painter.

Heather Craig, Film maker and photographer.

Kevin Margitich, Painter.

Dave Delaney, Painter.

Mikey Welsh, Painter and musician.

Shawn Beeks, Illustrator and painter.

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