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All Girl Line Up at Kung Fu Necktie – Sunday

November 4, 2011

This is happening right around the corner from The Slingluff Gallery. Check out below the bios and videos of the performers.

Lillie Ruth Bussey

The entity Lillie Ruth Bussey is Bianka Allyon Brunson’s alter ego that allows space for performative expression with sounds.  These sounds transform from sweet melodic acoustic ditties to electronic space trances that make you dance or will just have you in a trance.  Which one you will experience really just depends on the atmosphere and mood Lillie Ruth Bussey may be in.  Sometimes this other dance entity within Lillie Ruth Bussey is called Mattie Bell Screen.  Under the label Earsnake, Bussey has dropped an album and a number of singles.  A couple of albums are in the making right now.  When they release is top secret for now.  Expect something sooner than sooner.  For now though you can get a sneak peak of new tunes and sketches at and also on  Just look for Lillie Ruth Bussey.  Until then…OoOoOOo

Eagle Nebula

Eagle Nebula has always been different, but the 2008 release of her debut album “Cosmic Headphones” produced by Georgia Muldrow introduced her as one of hip-hop music’s most original and creative voices. She went on to tour France and perform in Ghana, West Africa and throughout the United States and has shared the stage with numerous hip-hop legends like Brand Nubian, Pharoah Monch, Pete Rock and Dead Prez. In October 2010, she released the LoveBomb EP, produced by Daru Jones which was once again, acclaimed by listeners and critics alike for the out of the box boom bap style that Eagle is so well known for. She continues to push the envelope of what it means to be a hip-hop artist with her unique sound and self-directed Art House styled music videos. There is no doubt that she is a force to be reckoned with as she continues to expand her brand of Cosmic Cool.

Suzi Analogue

Suzi Analogue is an American soul/electronic/experimental artist known best her imaginative vocal and production contributions to genre-bending urban music. Her aesthetic utilizes vocal notions of classic soul mashed against electronic charm, creating soundscapes that are conveyed through a global perspective. She is noted with creating the term for her own genre “Raw’N’B’, a better description of raw the sound she defines.

Bonnie McCuen

I loved painting from an early age.  Growing up my father encouraged me to paint on things around the house. The refrigerator, window shades, and the bathroom walls were my canvases. Today oil’s are my favorite medium to work with. My subjects tend to be nudes because nudity implies a certain level of vulnerability. I use rich, vibrant colors to express intensity and emotion.  Most of my inspiration has come from various experiences and observations. Many of my paintings are intended to reflect the connections between sex, love, attraction and/or money.  I question the separation of the heart and body.  Feelings of being limited, objectified, having to wait or move on are some of my themes.  Since everyone views art though his or her own experiences, I enjoy hearing people’s reactions and interpretations.

GRACIOUS sponsors of this event Blu Dahlia,, and AfroBlew Media,

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