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Larry Holmes on how Philadelphia treated Joe.

November 11, 2011

An old photograph and flowers have been placed at a makeshift memorial at the former location of Joe Frazier’s gym, that is now a furniture outlet store, Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2011 in Philadelphia. Photo by AP.

“I get [ticked] off because people didn’t recognize Joe for spending millions and millions of his own money in Philadelphia,” Holmes said. “He did it for the underprivileged kids, for the charities, and when he got done boxing and needed some help, nobody there helped him

“He built a gym and they took that away from him. He built a house and they took that away from him. They never even put up a statue for him, but they did for Rocky, and he wasn’t even real. Joe did fantastic things in Philadelphia and they didn’t do anything for him. They didn’t appreciate him.” From The Morning Call.

In other Frazier news we just got word yesterday that Richmond, Va artist Ed Trask will be doing a 15 foot tall cutout of Joe for the side of our building.

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