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Occupy Philly.

November 28, 2011

Yesterday after the gallery closed we headed down to City Hall where Occupy Philly was to be evacuated at 5p. Five o`clock came and went and as to what we were able to see nothing was being done to evacuate, no Philadelphia police officer waving a baton, no teargas, and sign of anything scary in the least, well other then banks reopening today after a holiday weekend that is. I have to say that there was a few things that I saw and heard that struck me as odd:

1. The amount of people driving by yelling “get a job”.

2. The amount of people drinking Starbucks coffee.

3. The amount of people smoking and throwing their cigarette butt on the ground when there was a good amount of trash cans to be used.

4. The amount of people carrying shopping bags seemed really high.

5. The amount of people saying “oh my god” and “facebook that” also seemed really high.

Over all though I would think that most of the people partaking in “the amount of” had little if anything to do with Occupy Philly. Most of the people there seemed very courteous & respectful, and that goes to right down the board, from the police that we saw to the sanitation workers that we ran into. Of course there will always be a few bad apples in every bunch, but we did not see any last night.

These snap shots were shot on 11.27.11. I feel that it is important to document such events like this to help protect all sides. If something was done wrong by any party your photos can and should be used to hold whatever parties account able for there actions.

For up to date information that is going on with Occupy Philly check there twitter at OccupyPhilly.

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