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Canopy – In Toronto’s Maple Leaf Square

December 1, 2011

Short documentary about two art installations by London-based art and design practice United Visual Artists. Canopy + Connection are located in Toronto and were commissioned by Lanterra Developments, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment and Cadillac Fairview Corporation Ltd. for their Maple Leaf Square development. Video by inkblot media.

About the Canopy 

From Inspired by the experience of walking through a forest’s dappled light, Canopy is a 90-meter long light sculpture spanning the front facade of the Maple Leaf Square building in Toronto, Canada.

Maple Leaf Square - Canopy

This permanent architectural installation is made of thousands of identical modules, organised in a non-repeating growth pattern. Their form, abstracted from the geometry of leaves, reflect nature. A combination of daylight and artificial light sweeping through the work recalls the activity of cells within a leaf, leaves in a forest canopy, or a city seen from the air.

Maple Leaf Square - Canopy

Maple Leaf Square - Canopy

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  1. 50 States Design Project permalink
    December 1, 2011 3:17 PM

    I love toronto. And I love this art piece. Great post.

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