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This is better than a key tray!

December 13, 2011

Jake Frey is a 21 year old industrial design student at Philadelphia University and this is his design, the Magnetic Light Switch Cover. He launched the product on in order to fund the development and manufacturing costs that are required to get the product to market. Help him out by donating to his kickstarter!

What is it?

The Magnetic Light Switch Cover is a standard size switch cover with an added delightful and useful surprise. This product simultaneously allows you to turn your lights on and provide obvious storage for keys or tools. Once it is time to leave, you can grab your keys/tools and you always remember to shut your lights back off.

What does it do?

Each of these durable switch covers have high-strength rare earth magnets incorporated into the back of the plate. The magnets incorporated into these switch covers are attracted to metals which are in the make-up of the keyring on your keys. You are able to easily install this switch cover in place of your existing cover and it is able to hold your keys in place until you need them! Pretty cool huh?!

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