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New Years Resolutions for Your Living Space

December 29, 2011

It’s proven an organized space is better for your creativity and stress level. Here are four things to consider for your New Years Resolutions that will make your abode yours!

1 – Bookshelves

What books do you use most? Make sure those are the ones that are the easiest to reach and the quickest to put away, without disturbing the others.  The most eye appealing is organizing your books by color, but for the best function separate the books you use the most. Then organize them how you prefer (by color, or height) in their own location away from the rest. You may be amazed that your bookshelves aren’t as functional as you think!  (click photo for original post on Flickr)

2 – Cooking

Cook in at least once a week more than usual, and keep a good balance. Cooking satisfying meals can really make you feel at home. Keep it simple most of the time but try one or two new recipes a week, or try a substitute for meat like this Wild Rice Burger for Meatless Mondays. (click on image for recipe)

3- Kitchen Sink

This is pretty simple in concept, but not always in practice. Don’t go to bed with a sink full of dishes.  (click photo for original post on Flickr)

4 – Spruce up your walls

Change the paint color and/or get some original art on your walls to make it truly yours, which is hard in a spot if you’re renting.  Check out local galleries, forget stores like Ikea and Marshall’s for your art, and get something that really speaks to you even if it takes multiple visits to new shows at your favorite gallery or seeking out new galleries. It can become a monthly outing with your favorite people rather than just going to a store.  (click photo for original post on Flickr)

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