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Handmade wooden snowboards, what can be better?

December 31, 2011

PowderJets are made for riding powder. Individually crafted from select hardwoods in a small Vermont shop, bench built with performance and environmental ethics in mind. Designed to give you the greatest rides of your life.

The idea was to build the perfect snowboard for rugged Vermont mountainsides. Not for resort groomers, but for the real mountains. A board built to surf Hell Brook on Mt Mansfield and the open powder field at Cousin Eddie’s, as well as the line you saw out your car window last spring. In short, the perfect east coast powder jammer. We started with the obvious: a rocker profile for speed and float, deep sidecut with a tight radius for quick turns, a set back stance location for stability and nose float. Then we added a slight concave profile to the tail, which makes for a loose, surfy ride, perfect for quick turns in tight trees. The boards measure a relatively short 151 cm, which is also key for maneuvering in close quarters, yet with it’s wide nose and set back stance, in powder you’d swear it was ten centimeters longer. The riding experience has been compared to riding a skateboard with loose trucks through the woods, as fast as possible, with no speed wobbles. In a word: fun. Powder Jet.

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