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Traveling Airstream Style

January 10, 2012

Even if you don’t own one, you can travel the world in an Airstream! All of these have been refurbished and offer a great escape – whether you’re traveling to Vegas, Berlin, or Upstate New York. It’s nice to see that some of the hotel owners have even worked with artists for the decoration of these retro RV’s. Have you ever stayed in one?



“Come and stay in an authentic American vintage caravan. Belrepayre is a warm and friendly place where you find that retro feeling in the air.  If it’s vintage you like, this is the place to be. The location is set in beautiful country side, facing the Pyrenees mountains offering fantastic views and sunsets. Our fleet of  vintage trailers are each nested in landscaped gardens with a wonderful variation of trees, scrubs and flowers. This is not trailer trash, this is more trailer flash!” Prices range from $110-$140.

Las Vegas

Silverton Casino

“Sometimes, the great outdoors is best enjoyed indoors – especially when you’re hanging with friends at the bar of the Shady Grove Lounge in Las Vegas. Specifically, inside a vintage 1950’s Airstream trailer. Get motoring at our mini-bowling alley, or lounge under the canopy of a North American aspen. Sip an ice cold beer and share our irresistible finger foods while you shoot pool and watch sports action on our 12 plasma screens. Kick back in a plush leather chair and rendezvous with a friend or two.” MidWeek Packages start at $69


tiki time airstream

“Nine lovely, fully restored vintage aluminum travel trailers  await you at the Shady Dell in Bisbee, Arizona. Whether it is the 33 foot Royal Mansion built in 1951 and restored with leopard carpet, martini glasses, Diner-style breakfast booth and phonograph with a collection of 78rpm records, or the 1947 Tiki Bus Polynesian Palace, complete with hand-carved outrigger bar and your own Tiki God, the Shady Dell’s individual trailers will surely send you back to a time when freedom was just another word for jumping in your aluminum house on wheels, finding the Rat Pack on the radio and navigating the open road in search of your own slice of the American Dream.” $50-$145 per night.

New York

“Inside the cozy, rustic cabins you’ll find mind-blowing mid-century modern/space age/rocket-your-socks-off decor. The suites are filled with authentic 50s-style kitchens turned out with vintage cabinets, Frigidaires and stoves – all in dazzing colors! Wait ’till you get a load of my to-die-for tchotchkes from shopping sprees all around America. It’s also owned by Kate from the B-52’s.” Prices range from $175-$200 a night.

South Africa

“Airstream trailers are incredible works of craftsmanship and their classic shape is unforgettable. The Daddy likes to take things up a notch and our Airstream Rooftop Trailer Park is no exception. Long Street’s boisterous energy, relentless sense of humour and creative drive have been harnessed to conjure up the most unique – and most fun – experience you are likely to find anywhere in the city.  We’ve reeled in top local creative spirits to do the interior design of these over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek and always-surprising capsules of glee.” $130-$185 a night (quoted in Rands so I may have gotten this wrong)


“The Shooting Star Drive-In Airstream Hotel features eight custom-designed Airstreams as luxury accommodations. (What else would you expect in a Star’s trailer?) Each Airstream features a fully-equipped kitchen with everything you need to prepare a snack or a gourmet meal. The bedrooms are appointed with luxurious sheets, comforters and down pillows (both firm and soft). The full bathrooms feature plush towels and Eco bath products that will likely end up in your suitcase when you depart.” Ranging from $149-$169 a night.


“The two founders of Hüttenpalast (means Hut Palace), Silke Lorenzen and Sarah Vollmer, live in Neukölln since more than 7 years. They grew to really fall in love with this beautiful area of Berlin and they very much like to be hosts. At some time their living room got too small for all the guests, so they decided to look for a bigger place in Neukölln to host their guests. One day they found an old vacuum-cleaner factory in Hobrechtstraße, fell in love with the building and decided to build up a small hotel. They wanted to keep the great architecture and not destroy it by building seperate rooms into the manufacture. Also they wanted to create a room, where people actually meet each other. So they started to think about a “room – in – room – concept” and decided to build little wooden huts into the hall. At some point they felt that they want more flexibility with the hall, since it is supposed to be a place of constant change. So they thought about putting wheels under the cabins. It was just then, they realized that there is already cabins with wheels existing: Caravans! This is why inside the manufacture hall there are three caravans and three wooden huts.” Rates are $57-$83 a night.

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