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Fun By Yourself or with a Friend

January 22, 2012


The winter can get a bit boring sometimes. When it gets cold here in the Northeast and you just don’t want to go out and you find yourself looking for something to do in the kitchen, a handjob can be just the ticket. I found this website, Hand Jobs For the Home recently and there are a tun of creative recipes and food ideas that look awesome.

I am fond of the recipe for Rosemary Foccacia. A few friends mentioned making a pizza with Foccacia last week. I’ve seen well preserved versions hanging in Trader Joe’s, but this option is simple enough and there is nothing like really fresh bread.

If you are a bread lover like me, then consider this Soda Bread. Add a bottle of beer to the batter (consider a Belgian Ale), but nothing expensive. I’ve had it where the beer comes through nicely, but plenty where it is lacking.

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