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Vince Peersman

January 24, 2012

Vince – an avid vinyl collector since age 10 from Belgium – began designing fictional album covers after convincing his parents  to buy him a computer. Bouncing from computer class to computer class, he realized he knew more than the teachers and pushed school to the side. At age 17, he landed his first job with the company that he idolized for its album designs by showing them his fictitious designs.

That’s where he fine tuned his skills and eventually through outgrowing his dream job and then working for a design company that went out of business, he’s opened his own company – Facts of Life. He is still based out of Belgium doing what he loves to do and now is designing for a lot of new pop artists including Young Buck (G-Unit), Pendulum, Adam F, DJ Fresh, Malpractice (who made the superman soundtrack) and others.

If you’re a music buff, these will definitely strike a chord with you…two of my favorites are pictured. You can find these and original artwork, iPad covers, skateboards and more at his Zazzle Store. Sometimes this work is derived from album covers he’s created to gain a wider audience and appreciation for his work. Vince’s layering techniques are intriguing and would compliment either a vinyl junkie’s wall, like Vince, or someone looking for a unique piece to complete the look of a room. (Click the pictures to see more)

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