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X-Pro 1.

February 5, 2012

This new model from Fujifilm is almost like a personal slice of heaven on earth, but that little slice of heaven comes with a price of $1700 for the body only. Each lens for this little treat also comes with a heavy price tag of around $600. This would put you at around $3800 for the full setup. That is a lot, however you are getting a timeless rangefinder dslr that seems to perform as well as it looks. It packs a 16mp, and lets face it that is more then just about any of us really need, pro or hobbyist. 1080hd video with stereo (about 30fps), 3 inch monitor, about 300 frames per battery life, 3-6fps, and it looks flawless. I have to say for me, the best thing about these newer/older looking cameras is the simple fact that while on the train or walking around on the streets noone bats an eye at you or the camera, try that with a 5D.

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