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A House by IKEA?

March 2, 2012

There’s many things that come to mind when I think an IKEA house. 1st – A cool design that most people love. 2nd – Do I have to put it together myself? 3rd – How long before it falls apart? Don’t get me wrong, their designs are great but the quality isn’t always there.

Despite my thoughts on this, you’ll be able to buy a house from IKEA in collaboration with Ideabox named “Aktiv”, which just debuted in Portland’s Home and Garden Show. says ” [It’s] Super functional with a wide open floorplan, the Swedish-inspired design has lots of storage and wastes no space.”

But buyers of the one bedroom Aktiv, which costs $86,500, won’t have to figure out where to put 1,000 tiny screws.
The house can be delivered to your empty lot by a semi-truck in one or two big pieces. It arrives already constructed and partially furnished, with an IKEA bedroom, kitchen and bathroom installed. “It’s your own personal euro designer flat … only where you want it!” Ideabox’s website boasts.

The Aktiv will be green — not blue and yellow, thankfully — and designed with a socially-conscious inhabitant in mind. Buyers get water efficient pipes, energy efficient appliances and LED light-fixtures. They choose their own colors and surface materials. “We want our homes to be so rockin’ cool that people just want them,” Ideabox owner Jim Russell told Sustainable Business Oregon.

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