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March 2, 2012

/A short film portrait about MYMO from Berlin.

“I love drawing like a kid. I started drawing perfect faces, portraits of people…
I got kind of bored.” – MYMO

I really love her colors and shapes, plus it was pretty awesome
seeing someone spray paint in a sun hat.

MYMO currently lives and works in Berlin. Her work has been shown throughout the world in places ranging from mymoLondon, Berlin, Barcelona, New York, L.A. , Australia, Amsterdam, and many more. Her travels have a direct relationship with her artistic practice. Her influences come from Egypt and the rest of North Africa, like Pyramid shapes, Triangular and colorful patterns.
Created by: Miguel Lomott,,
Advisor: Katharina Brinkmann
/A Word of Art

Music by:
Fletcher – Dreadlox Dub

Maga Bo ft. Teba – Nqayi

Thanks to:
Honey B & African Dope Records

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