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The Best Spices and Herbs

March 6, 2012

The past few years I’ve been getting into cooking – lots of soups especially – and here’s what I found as far as the best spices to have lying around. I’m sure there’s a lot that I missed but these are the ones I find myself using the most. Do you have any additions?

Bay Leaves

I use this in ALL of my soups.


You can really pull together a bunch of random veggies
with cumin to make a flavorful punch.


I also use this in a lot of my soups and stocks,
but a little oil and basil for your bread dipping is the best.


Make a salad more exciting or throw it in fresh iced tea
(this is one herb we grow in the warmer months)


It’s easy to store fresh ginger, grate it up and mix it in an Asian influenced dish or make a sauce for a fish dish. It’s pretty versatile and it’s also good for your heart!

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