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Scoot Scoot

March 18, 2012

Walk the city, bus the city, train through the city, bike the city, cab the city, drive through the city. Scoot around the city!!!

San Fran is releasing a nice alternative to the zip car, which would make cruising from Fairmount to S. Philly on a Saturday night a blast and a lot easier to park. How do we get these bad boys to Philadelphia?


Photo by Jake Metcalf

If you’ve always wanted to be part of a scooter gang (Heck’s Angels, anyone?) but don’t want to invest in a scooter, we’ve got great news: The Zipcar of electric scooters is about to be unleashed.

Scoot Networks, a startup that emerged from the Greenstart cleantech accelerator, launched this week with the aim of bringing the joys of zipping around on a scooter to the masses. “We were looking at collaborative consumption and electric vehicles, and hit on the opportunity of using these affordable and efficient electric scooters in a European-style bike sharing system, and adding to that all the smarts and technology you find in Silicon Valley,” explains CEO Michael Keating.

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