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An amazing new camera from Olympus.

March 20, 2012

This amazing new camera from Olympus is set to start shipping this April, which is only a little more then a week away! Like most other cameras that I post on here about this camera is also a smaller bodied camera packing some larger bodied features. I love how Olympus are basing their new micro 3/4 off of older cameras that they have done, cameras that pushed Olympus in becoming one of, if not the biggest name in camera manufacturing during the 70’s & 80’s. This model is based off of their OM model from the early 70’s and it looks amazing! But no one should care about what their camera looks like, unless your carrying the new Pentax K-01 which has to be hands down the worst looking camera ever made, and I am a big fan of Pentax. Anyway back to the E-M5, this little thing is amazing! It packs 9fps, splash proof, 16 megapixels, but if you want more technical information you should really read over this.  Over all if you are looking for a great camera that will go anywhere and 1k is in your budget then I would say that the new Olympus OM E-M5 maybe the camera for you.

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