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Big Sky vs. Mile High Art Show

March 22, 2012


SATURDAY MARCH 24th at the VAST Gallery (Bomb Snow Headquarters).

Big Sky Vs. Mile High is a group art show presented by PBR and Bomb Snow Magazine featuring work of Denver and Bozeman artists at  the Vast Gallery in Bozeman, MT. The show was curated by Bomb Snow Magazine for the Bozeman side and Denver-based artist, Andrew Hoffman, for the Denver side. (I’m a little biased and only had examples from Denver artists! – John)

According to Hoffman, “The show is a great way to expose the Denver and Bozeman art scenes to a difference audience. I’ve been to Bozeman once when I was a kid so I’m really excited to go back and meet like-minded folks. What’s a little different about this show is that the art isn’t necessarily “beer inspired” like past PBR Art shows, but rather a showcase of some of the region’s best talent. The east and west coasts get a lot of attention in regards to art and this show is a great way to bring two great cities together to celebrate our geographic roots. Although the artists are Denver and Bozeman based, there are artists in the show originally from places like Nebraska, Idaho and Chicago, so it’s a great representation of middle-america art happenings and hopefully in the future we can host more “Denver vs ” art shows around the country to bring national exposure to our art scene.”

Artist: Chris Huth (Denver)

Artist: Amanda Marie Ploegsma (Denver)

According to Todd Heath, Chief Motivator of Bomb Snow Magazine, Bozeman has a steadily growing art scene. Many of the artists who’ve submitted to the “Big Sky vs. Mile High” show are part of a local art establishment known as The Cottonwood Club. The club is Bozeman Montana’s only DIY all ages venue for the arts, music, metalsmithing, screen printing, films and even weekly “Free Art School” sessions where anyone is invited to join other artists to paint, draw and collaborate. It’s an amazing center for creation and comradery and the VAST Gallery is happy to host a show with some of Bozeman’s up and coming talents. Any and all submissions are welcome!

The VAST Gallery is located at 410 N. Broadway, inside of the Bomb Snow Magazine Headquarters just South of the Bozeman Brewery. Bomb Snow is an outlet for creative expression, inspiration and humor within today’s stale snow sports media and strives to make a positive impression on anyone who reads it. Life is what you make it, so get out there and LIVE!

Artist: Andrew Hoffman (Denver)

Artist: Scot Lefavor (Denver)

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