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Jim Muscarella dir Royal Flush Festival

April 23, 2012

interview with Jim Muscarella about the Royal Flush Festival

Video by Ethan H. Minsker

The Royal Flush Festival is a brand new force in the independent film, art and music scene. Initially founded in 2005 as the E. Vil City Film Fest in NYC’s East Village, this opportunity to enjoy movies and booze with like-minded people is expanding dramatically in its fifth year with a new partner.

E. Vil City is joining forces with Royal Flush Magazine, a nationally-distributed killer rag that celebrates underground music, art, video games, pop-culture and indie movies. With its strict, no-fluff stance and with what Media Post says “displays more creativity in its first 25 pages than most publications do in an entire year.”, The Royal Flush is a logical pairing.

We are excited to announce that these allied organizations, equally impassioned in their commitment to awesome content, have formed a collaborative relationship based on a shared obsession for the media and culture that they support.

The Royal Flush Festival will work extensively to bring you the best in art, film and music and will offer attendees better bang for their buck, while giving our filmmakers greater exposure.

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