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In an email from Friends of the Barnes Foundation.

May 17, 2012


Dear Friends of the Barnes Foundation,

Since we last wrote about the event on Saturday evening, we learned about an important gala being held at the Parkway Barnes on Friday (something like $5,000 a plate).  We will also have gatherings on the Parkway on both FRIDAY AND SATURDAY EVENINGS, starting at 6 o’clock.

 We hope you will join us on either or both evenings to stand as witnesses to the destruction of the Barnes Foundation.  Please wear all black.  We will gather onthe Parkway and 20th Street.  Keep in mind that this is a peaceful gathering, not a noisy protest. 

PARKING:  There is no way to know what the parking situation will be like in the area.  If you can come by public transportation, that will be best. You can check on-line for information about area parking lots.

IMPORTANT:  If there are too many of us at the Parkway and 20th Street location to safely fit without blocking traffic on the street or the sidewalk, we will become a “moving” presence, walking around the perimeter in single file.  Please wear all black. 

 Note: This is an emotionally-charged time.  Some might want to share what they feel with others, but we ask that you not engage in confrontation with people outside our group who may not understand or respect it.

 We hope that you are able to join us in person. Wherever you are, you might want to wear black or a black ribbon in solidarity on May 18th and 19th.  If you do, please take a photo and send it to us at, telling us where you live.

Better News on the case

Some better news regarding the actions of the Pennsylvania Attorney General on our court case.

Judge Ott issued a Memorandum Opinion explaining why the Attorney General’s Appeal seeking legal fees and costs from the Friends should be DISMISSED.  That isn’t the end of it yet, but this is a good direction with regard to the threat against us from the Attorney General’s Office.

Disgusting News

We received the stunning information about the ultimate affront to the memory of Albert Barnes.

The grandiose hall in the Parkway building is being named for Walter and Leonore Annenberg. Wallis Annenberg is the Honorary Chair of the $5,000 a plate gala on Friday evening.

The naming of  the hall for a man who reportedly despised Dr. Barnes speaks volumes about the mindset of those involved. I believe this would be an example of the word “boorish.”

Old posts about the Barnes Foundation here and here.

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