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Louis Pons Opening May 21 in Marseille

May 19, 2012

Exhibition from May 21 to June 9, 2012 
Opening on Monday 21 from 18:30

(Rough Translation from French) “Louis Pons is certainly the greatest artist today. I am pleased to present in this place, where so many young artists made their first exposure to the work done mostly in the youth of the designer. It is therefore, by this spring, a manifestation of a young artist who is already a great artist. There is a reason to submit to Marseille, where one expects a huge retrospective Louis Pons for 20 years, an artist with a prestigious history in the smaller gallery where it will always be regarded as the greatest.”

Bernard Plasse


Galerie du Tableau

37, rue Sylvabelle. 13006 Marseille
Téléphone : 04 91 57 05 34. Fax : 09 58 63 05 34


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