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From the PNBR.

June 11, 2012

Hello Riders!

This email includes:
1. Date Change of PNBR 2012
2. Comments and Feedback
3. Info on advertising
4. Call for volunteers
5. Donating


The People of Philly Naked Bike Ride have spoken: The date of the ride has officially been changed to August 25, 2012.
Two weeks ago we sent out a poll to all of the riders (you included, if you were signed up for the email list back then), asking your thoughts on what we should do in light of the Jay Z festival planned for the weekend of September 1-2. Nearly 400 of you voted, and a strong majority chose August 25.


WHEN: August 25, 2012

WHERE: Location To Be Announced



Comments and Feedback: Thank you so much for your help by taking the poll! It was great getting your feedback, and there were a lot of great ideas for the ride in general. Please continue sharing your thoughts with us on the facebook page:  This is by far the fastest way to get a response from  us.


Advertising: The organizing troupe is working on getting a final poster design, which should be on the website shortly. Once we do that, we’ll be posting various sizes and versions so that you, the enthusiastic rider, can print them out on your own and spread the word in whatever way you like! Stay tuned to for updates! (We’ll also send out an email with more info to keep you in the loop.)


Volunteering: Want to help out this year? Send an email to . Let us know if you have particular interests or access to resources that you think could be useful.
Different ways to support the ride:
Advertising – see above
Street Team  – help keep the column organized, bank traffic, direct riders
Outreach Team  – make sure everyone knows all the important info and answer questions
Medical Team  –  help riders who fall off their bikes or get dehydrated
Mechanical Team – help do bike tune ups before the ride and do quick fixes during the ride
Body Guard –ward off creeps and  ride near some of our more vulnerable riders to make sure no one harasses them and to help them feel comfortable and safe
Runners – help with last minute specific assistance
Beautification  Posse– clean up after riders at the starting point, help leave things the way we found them
Organizers –come to regular meetings throughout the summer to help plan various aspects of the ride and help make decisions
Resource Builders – come up with various ways to pay for advertising materials, commemorative memorabilia and other supplies


Donate to PNBR!

Got a $1 or $2 to spare? PNBR knows how to stretch it to make it worth so much more! Go to www.phillynakedbikeride.organd click “Donate”.

Thanks in advance!

(PNBR also accepts new or gently used bike tools, duct tape, safety flags, zip ties, and tubes.)


Keep rockin’ it Philly cyclists!

Philly Naked Bike Ride

Some photos from last year.

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