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Mini-Interview with Susan Moloney

July 17, 2012

In anticipation for Susan Moloney’s Solo Show opening Thursday, July 19th from 6-9pm at The Slinlguff Gallery, we had a few questions. Plus, you get to see a little sneak preview of her work.  Susan, an assemblage artist, creates a story in her work which portrays her never ending curiosity of human behavior and the symbolic use of images and text evoking the passage of time. Found objects, like toys, represent collective childhood memories and archetypes that connect us.

Susan Moloney - The Slingluff Gallery

Interview by Rose Donahue
Rose Donahue – What is a childhood memory you have that you wish other children could experience?
Susan Moloney – Once upon a time, kids had to go outside to play. There were no screens or monitors or phones to stick your face into (besides t.v., but that was reserved for Saturday morning cartoons.).  We had these things called imaginations that we used to keep ourselves busy until we were called in for dinner. 🙂
Susan Moloney - The Slingluff Gallery
RD – Do you think that people often identify with your work? What do you think they identify with most?
SM – That is a good question that I do not know the answer to. I can only hope.
Susan Moloney - The Slingluff Gallery
RD – Do you discuss your work with other artists or friends as part of your process? Why or why not?
SM – I have two artist friends that are always helpful to discuss what’s going on with my work when I need to. Mostly I need to only when I’m in a panic because something isn’t working right.  I think maybe because saying it out loud forces my brains to sort of translate it into actual language that then forces the brains to see the thing in a different way. I have no idea. I just made that up.
Jonathan Hanging Susan Moloney's Work - The Slingluff Gallery
RD –  Since you’re interested in exploring human behavior through your work, what’s your favorite characteristic about yourself? What characteristic do you like to see in other people?
SM – These are hard questions! I guess integrity. Is that a characteristic?  And determination.
I like people who are considerate.
The end.
Susan Moloney - The Slingluff Gallery

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