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Hem a dress, get a shirt!

August 14, 2012

After searching through my attic and cedar closet I found some pretty great old clothes to work with for some crafty activities as summer comes to an end. Specifically, this very floral dress captured my attention.

Here is the hemmed dress:

I didn’t really do all that much with it other than cut off the bottom and re-hem it. Normally there is a matching belt for around the waist that goes with it. It had been about ankle length before being cut and it was rather flowy.

This is the shirt I made:

I got the inspiration for this and vaguely followed the directions from this link:

There were a few things that where different about my version of the top compared to the link. First of all, I used a regular bra rather that a strapless one, which allowed me to add the little sleeves. I also left the back to be tied rather then sewing it together. Between the hot pink bra and the light floral pattern this turned into a super feminine top, but very cute. Now I need to invest/make some high-waisted shorts and put together a trendy summer outfit.


Still lots of extra fabric for another project! Who knows what could happen with this stuff.

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