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The Making of the World’s Largest Round Tuit.

August 20, 2012

When we first set out to carve the world’s largest round tuit we had a couple options for how we would carve it. Initially we thought a router and a 3/8” bit was the way to go, but we soon dismissed it do to the fact that the face of the tuit was not very flat. Nor did we want to create any intricate templates. We also felt that using a router wouldn’t give the wood the rustic look and feel we desired.

Finally, we decide that simpler was better and used nothing more than a forstner drill bit, mallet, chisel, elbow grease, and a lot of patience. The whole carving process went faster than we expected, and seeing our progress of fueled our excitement.

Finishing with nothing more than a couple coats of linseed oil, our tuit is beautiful reminder to get busy and stay busy!

*Pending approval from the Guinness Record Committee

Best Made Co.

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