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A feel good for Sunday, part two.

August 26, 2012

Seemed like the right thing to do, the post that is not the one man crusade of Travis Tygart.

“Did he do “it”? Let’s put it this way (and I say this as somebody who covered some of his Tours de France, and knows and likes some of Armstrong): he was the best cyclist of his time, in maybe the dirtiest sport in existence.” George Vecsey of the NyTimes.

About this clip: On 14 July 2003, during the ninth stage of the 2003 Tour de France, Beloki was in second place overall (just 40 seconds behind Lance Armstrong) and negotiating a turn at speed while descending the Cote de La Rochette, just 4 km from the stage finish at Gap. He lost control of his bicycle after his rear tire came off the wheel on a patch of tarmac that was softened by the sun (the road surface temperature was reported to be 50°C, or 125°F), sending his rear wheel skidding first in one direction and then the other. Beloki suffered a hard fall that broke his right femur in two places, his elbow and his wrist. Armstrong was following immediately behind Beloki and, to avoid the fallen rider, headed off the road to go down the hill through the underbrush and across a small field. The crash effectively ended Beloki’s career as a premier bicycle racer.

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