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It was really nice to see what

September 6, 2012

some people said about The Slingluff Gallery on PhillyHotList.

And with less then 24 hours left we need your help.

Kevin M. … voted BEST Art Gallery-Great spot that brings in some amazing artists as well as tons of local talent.

Steph A. … voted BEST Art Gallery-Friendly people, great art.

Emily … voted BEST Art Gallery-This gallery is always showing fresh faces in art…not the norm! The owners work hard to curate shows that are off the beaten track–which is much appreciated by all who come to their openings again, and again, and again!

Mellow … voted BEST Art Gallery-Greatest Gallery in this crazy town!!

Yis G. … voted BEST Art Gallery-THE BEST!!!!!!

Nick S. … voted BEST Art Gallery-Jonathan Slingluff is a very cordial and inviting host, from the moment one steps into his gallery to the exit they are not pushy and eager to help with no pressure sales tactics. Great job.

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